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Immerse your child in Arabic

Bring fun and joy to Arabic

Draw and Paint in Arabic

Very small class size (less than 6)

Reading. Writing. Comprehension. Dictation..

..Grammar. Vocabulary.

Flash Cards. Puzzles. Games. and More.

Our Mission & Vision

Although we understand that our main focus is teaching your children Arabic, we take your trust in us very seriously and strive to carry in our teaching the best of Canadian culture while reinforcing the best of our cherished values.

As our children simultaneously present their heritage to their local Canadian community, we look forward to have succeeded together in raising socially responsible Canadian Muslims and Arabs in Canada.

Furthermore, many parents come to us asking for a class in Qur’an. While we cherish our holy Book the Qur’an, we sincerely think that the Qur’an should be read to be understood, and if this should apply to any book then it might as well apply to the Qur’an. That is why we teach your children to read Arabic to understand the language. If you then decide that your children want to read the Qur’an properly then feel free to contact us to assign them to our dedicated Qur’an classes.



We are located in the heart of Vancouver West, a walking distance from Kerrisdale downtown where you can enjoy several cafe’s, restaurants, places for weekend shopping, and a lot to do while you wait to pick up your child from school. Map

2295 W 40th Ave, Unit 2
Vancouver BC, V6M 1W7

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Sat-Sun: 10am – 3pm
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Saturday Jan. 12

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Sunday April 14

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3 Week vacation

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Grade Levels: K – Grade 5

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What Parents are Saying

My daughter Nourah is 6 years old and she has really enjoyed taking Arabic lessons here. Nada has a very personable and gentle approach. She made my daughter feel welcome and at ease right away. Her classes are fun and engaging and it’s evident that she tailors the material to each student and where they are at. It’s quite incredible how quickly my daughter started to read simple words back to me. I would highly recommend these classes.

Noha Sedky


My daughter joined MyArabic less than a year ago. Before joining she had very basic knowledge of Arabic; Some words and letters. She used to refuse to read or talk in Arabic as she felt lost. Now she can read complete words and small stories. MyArabic instructors are friendly and pay attention to details. They have an effective curriculum that enhances learning and they follow the latest educational methods that make learning fun and enjoyable. My daughter enjoys attending MyArabic classes. My daughter has improved a lot and her self confidence has gotten better too.

Khaled Darwish


I am glad I enrolled my 6-year old daughter in Nada’s Arabic lessons. My daughter’s Arabic is constantly improving and she looks forward to her Arabic classes every weekend.

Fatima Elhaddaoui



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Location: 2295 West 40th Ave, Unit 2,
Vanoucver, BC V6M1W7

Telephone: (236) 888-6688


School Hours: Sat-Sun: 10am - 3pm