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  • We know the power of peer pressure; Our classes are structured in a class of no more than 5 children where each child can see his/her peers speaking Arabic and is encouraged to do the same.
  • To increase our children’s exposure to Arabic we utilize a wide range of teaching methods including books, conversation, media, and games. Optionally, if you choose you can join the separate  Qur’an classes dedicated to reading Qur’an.
  • Our classes have a small number of students from 2 to 5. The fee is CAD 20/hour/child (minimum children 2 per class). Minimum session is 2 hours per week.
  • You want to know how your child is doing? Coming soon you will be able to login online and get an up to date report of your child’s progress.

How To Register Your Child for myArabic Academy

Simple! Currently we like to take personal care of every student as a separate project; We evaluate the child’s Arabic language abilities and age level on a case by case basis in order to get your child the best class experience. So go ahead and contact us and we will do our best. This is how the process usually goes →

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(236) 888 – 6688

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You call us or email us asking for more info. We would explain any of your inquiries if you are still uncertain about. Then we agree on a time to meet at your convenience.


You show up with your child for an assessment session. This can be as simple as a 20-30 minutes session. In the meantime you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while watching your child interact with our teacher Nada. 


Once we’re certain of your child’s level we immediately assign him or her to one of our current classes or open a new class if there is enough number of new students.


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Location: 2295 West 40th Ave, Unit 2,
Vanoucver, BC V6M1W7

Telephone: (236) 888-6688

Email: info@myarabic.ca

School Hours: Sat-Sun: 10am - 3pm