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Our goal is to bring fun and joy to education while teaching our children to be pro-active in their local communities.

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    Nada Turk

    Nada Turk

    Principal Teacher

    Many parents understand the deep desire to communicate with their children in Arabic. As a mother of three, Nada found that raising bilingual children in Canada is no easy task and can be a challenge. She took up on her the huge task of tutoring her children in all subjects from kindergarten through grade 9. This has enriched her teaching skills, enforced by the superior Lebanese Arabic Curriculum which has become a big asset for her as she took on the task of teaching Arabic here in Vancouver.

    Mohammad Sanioura

    Mohammad Sanioura

    Business Development and Marketing

    Certified Project Manager with a background of 25-year old history serving the IT and media sectors.
    Besides thinking about how to develop myArabic Academy and propel it into new new audience, Mohammad acts as a Qur’an teacher, suplementary Arabic teacher and handles the financual aspects of the startup.

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    Although we understand that our main focus is teaching your children Arabic, we take your trust in us very seriously and strive to carry in our teaching the best of Canadian culture while reinforcing the best of our cherished values.

    As our children simultaneously present their heritage to their local Canadian community, we look forward to have succeeded together in raising socially responsible Muslims and Arabs in Canada.

    – Nada and Mohammad


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